Shocks tend to expose the cracks in the system—but they can also illuminate the light that shines through

The Joint Initiative for Village Advancement (JIVA) is a holistic, demand-driven community development program co-created by the John Deere Foundation, Pyxera Global, and the communities they serve in Rajasthan, India. Growing from a pilot project area of three villages to 24 villages, JIVA’s mission is to improve the livelihoods and resilience of Indian smallholder farmers—by investing in the farmers of today and tomorrow. Its pillars—resilient agriculture, quality education, and leveraged talent from John Deere—are grounded in seven years of partnership, collaboration, learning, and adaptation.  

Belarus’ Innovative Virtual Education Platform Adapts to COVID-19

Born out of the necessity to more broadly reach entrepreneurs across Belarus, the USAID-funded Delivering Regional Instruction Vital to Entrepreneurial Success (DRIVES) program began a journey of technological and pedagogical innovation to expand access to virtual business education. As a result, today, the DRIVES program finds itself well-positioned to adapt to the disruption COVID-19 is causing to schools and universities around the globe.

Rayuwa: A Team Response to COVID-19 in Nigeria

Children look at figures on a chalkboard

Since the moment the novel coronavirus officially landed in Nigeria, the response from PYXERA Global’s Rayuwa program has been to ensure, as best we can, sustained program activities that build community resilience in a way that emphasizes the safety of the program’s staff and members of the community.

Adapting to the Spread of COVID-19 through Community-Driven Approaches

Responding to the growing spread of the virus in India, the Joint Initiative for Village Advancement (JIVA), implemented by Pyxera Global in partnership with the John Deere Foundation, is working to strike a balance between the continued support to small holder farming communities and the safety of all program staff and community members.

Rayuwa: Translating John Deere’s Purpose into Practice

John Deere, PYXERA Global, the Government of Nigeria, and rural Nigerian communities share a vision—to achieve a food secure and prosperous Nigeria. To translate purpose into practice, John Deere and PYXERA Global created the Rayuwa program.

T I E Initiative: Infusing African Artistry into the World of Fashion and Interior Design

There’s a new model launching African artistry into the world of fashion and interior design: the T I E Initiative (Tradition. Innovation. Entrepreneurship). Showcasing the bright and complex hand-woven fabrics of Ghana and Ethiopia, the T I E model sets the stage to introduce iconic African design to global markets. It will provide the world of fashion and home décor a beautiful—and ethical—way to bring traditional hand-crafted products to consumers, while enhancing quality of life in African artisan communities.

Philanthropy is Risky Business

Does risk still exist in philanthropy? Street Business School (SBS) and the Schooner Foundation share their journey in which a proven enterprise development program initiated in Kampala, Uganda took a chance and expanded to 13 countries through 75 franchise partners, scaling women’s economic development across Africa.