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Two women weaving a rug.

TIE Global Artisans

The Challenge

Traditional African weaving is an art essential to preserving vibrant rural culture, identity, and livelihoods. Today, this vibrancy is waning.

African artisan communities face constant challenges—globalization of markets, climate change, and technological advances—jeopardizing their long-term stability. Many communities are ill-equipped to provide adequate education, jobs, market access, and the infrastructure to prosper in today’s economy.

The Approach

TIE Global Artisans takes a systems approach to addressing the challenges that artisans face. This initiative is building a new generation of cultural entrepreneurs—and reframing the artisan story.

A loom set up for weaving a rug

The Solution

Showcasing the bright and complex hand-woven fabrics of Ghana and Ethiopia, TIE Global Artisans is building a social business that will transform African artisans into global entrepreneurs.

This unique enterprise is built by African, Indian, and U.S. partners with decades of proven experience linking artisans and other entrepreneurs to the global marketplace. 

TIE Global Artisans elevates traditional craft and infuses it with innovative methods and markets and preserves. Proceeds are reinvested into the artisans and their families, helping to create an entrepreneurial class that will reinvigorate their own communities.

To get involved as a partner or a supporter, visit the TIE Global Artisans website.