Equitable Circular Economy

Developing scalable, regenerative, and equitable solutions for communities across the globe.

By shifting the power and decision-making dynamics to engage communities, they can own the solutions and scale their effort. Ultimately, the broader population benefits from local experience and collective wisdom.

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Through this pilot, Pyxera Global and its data modeling and analytics partner, Metabolic, are working with the logistics leader to create an innovative reverse logistics hub. This pilot will inform a blueprint for the industry to determine how logistics companies can use existing infrastructure and new local community relationships to recover old electronics, then process and redistribute them for commercial use at economies of scale.
Pyxera Global’s work is founded on the belief that inclusion and the voice of the historically marginalized communities should be front and center for any circular city. Equitable Circular Cleveland showcases the effectiveness of that method by blending Pyxera Global’s multi-sector approach and community-driven ethos with Metabolic’s science-based philosophy.
COVID-19 exposed symptoms of our fracturing systems—and an opportunity to foster change. With the status quo challenged, a flurry of activity revealed a paradigm shift toward a better, equitable future. The Reimagine Series showcases the possibilities when business, government, and civil society work together towards a common goal.

Equitable Circular Economy is only one of our tools for catalyzing change.

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