Private Sector Partnership Specialist

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About This Role

The USAID InReplace project, Innovations for Reducing Plastics for a Cleaner Environment in India, is dedicated to the ambitious goal of significantly reducing plastic pollution, including its impact on the marine environment, by accelerating circularity and fostering innovations in plastic waste management across India. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, InReplace is committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for India by addressing the challenges posed by plastic waste. 

As the Private Sector Partnership Specialist for the InReplace Project, you will play a pivotal role in forming and nurturing private sector partnerships and driving innovation in plastic alternatives and circularity in the Indian context. Your primary focus will be to develop a thriving ecosystem for innovations in plastic-alternatives, improved plastic waste management, and sustainable packaging design. 


  • Private Sector Engagement: Research, identify, establish, and maintain partnerships with private sector companies, startups, innovators, and other stakeholders interested in advancing circularity and innovation in plastic waste management. Collaborate with them to achieve project goals. Initiate and maintain ongoing communication with prospective partners to understand their interests and goals. 
  • Ecosystem Development: Work to create a conducive ecosystem that encourages private sector innovators and changemakers to develop, test, finance, and market their innovations related to PWM, plastic alternatives, and sustainable packaging solutions. 
  • Start-up Support: Provide support to private sector start-ups, innovators, and entrepreneurs by connecting them with resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities to facilitate the development and scaling of their innovative solutions. 
  • Program Coordination: Coordinate with ongoing programs and initiatives that promote innovation and sustainability in plastic waste management, aligning InReplace with the broader ecosystem of initiatives and leveraging their resources. 
  • Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategies for private sector engagement, aligning these strategies with the project’s objectives and monitoring their effectiveness. Develop and implement a strategic plan to engage and cultivate relationships with target companies. 
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of private sector partnerships and report on key performance indicators. Provide regular updates to project leadership and donors. 
  • Capacity Building: Assist private sector partners in building their capacity for circular economy practices, sustainable packaging design, and plastic waste management innovations. 
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among private sector partners, enabling them to learn from one another and drive innovation collectively. 



  • Master’s degree in a relevant field such as sustainability, environmental science, business, or a related discipline. 
  • A proven track record (10+ years) in developing and managing private sector partnerships and collaborations, ideally within the context of circular economy, sustainability, or innovation. 
  • In-depth knowledge of the Indian private sector landscape and an understanding of the plastic waste management and circular economy challenges in the region. 
  • Demonstrated experience in and understanding of startup financing and how to work with investors to structure financing. 
  • Strong project management and coordination skills, with the ability to manage complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives. 
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills to build strong partnerships and engage with private sector leaders effectively. 
  • Experience working on USAID-funded projects or similar international development programs is a significant advantage. 
  • Passion for sustainability, innovation, and driving positive change in the plastic waste management sector. Exceptional communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal. 
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative, and adapt to a dynamic and evolving environment. 
  • Willingness to travel extensively within India and occasionally internationally, as required. 

Application Instructions

Join Pyxera Global’s mission to create positive change through sustainable development, innovation, and circular economy practices.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and references to Deadline for applications: March 10, 2024. Only candidates based in India will be considered. Pyxera Global is an equal opportunity employer. 

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